Fishing Guide

There are a great number of fishing destinations along the eastern seaboard and in FL. Here are a few of my favorite places to go on a fishing charter.

Naples, FL

Heading back into southwest Florida for a Snook fishing charter is a great way to wrestle with the "king of the mangroves", the Snook. Try your hand at Naples fishing to see if you're able to get one of these wily fish out of their Mangrove habitat... it's not that easy!

Sanibel Island, FL

From its pristine beaches to its quaint village feel, Sanibel Island is lush, tropical, and of course, a fishing charter haven. When you head out to go Sanibel fishing you have no idea what you will encounter on your fishing charter. Perhaps a 100 pound Tarpon, crafty Snook, or hard hitting Redfish.

Tampa, FL

Although famous for Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay has some of the most productive fishing grounds to be found in Florida. Tampa fishing has both an inshore, as well as an offshore fishery that will satisfy even the most seasoned anglers. Make sure you leave a day to go on a Tampa fishing charter when you are in southwest Florida.

St Petersburg, FL

Just south of Tampa you'll find the quite town of Saint Petersburg. But don't be fooled by the areas easy going appearance. St Petersburg fishing is as lively as it gets, offing fishing charter customers a shot at some lively game fish.